Learning Russian: Karaoke and Songs


If you ever wanted to listen to some Russian songs to help tune your ear to the language while enjoying some music, this post is for you!


First, if you want to listen to songs for actual language practice then this site is for you.  You can choose the song based on your level or artist. I would suggest starting with choosing your level.




After you sort the songs according to level this is the prescription for an effective listening activity:

  1. Choose “karaoke” and simply listen to the song once.
  2. Listen to the song again and follow all of the lyrics.
  3. When the song is over click on unfamiliar words to look up their meaning.
  4. Try to translate the song for overall meaning. Don’t get stuck on words.
  5. Choose your level and listen again filling in the blanks.
  6. Take a break. Maybe a day or two. Maybe a week.
  7. Listen to the entire song again and try to listen to the words.
  8. Do the Quiz.
  9. Listen to the song and enjoy it.



If you are looking to listen to Russian music just for pleasure but still with more or less clear useful lyrics then here are my suggestions according to the genre:


Юлия Савичева 

Егор Крид




Чиж и Ко

Виктор Цой


Folk Songs


Ах, мамочка!



What other artists or songs would you recommend to Russian leaners? Do you have a Russian song that you really like? Share with us in the comments!


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