Russian Course for Beginners

Course Starts June 1!

It’s funny but many Russians don’t understand why people would want to learn Russian.

If you are reading this you are that mysterious person (in the eyes of a Russian) who wants to learn the language of people with a rich history and a deep soul… and I’m that Virgil who who will lead you through the Inferno of the Russian language. (Reference to the Divine Comedy). 

Why this course?

In a world of YouTube bloggers and Duolingo type apps, why would you want to take a course?

Because you actually want to learn to speak Russian and not about Russian. You want to experience active learning and not just passive learning!

This is a month long course that will take you from zero or the “I’ve kinda studied the alphabet on my own” to actually being able to read, write, and start to speak in Russian and understand the logic behind many of the spelling/phonetic changes.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that you will learn Russian or become fluent. You won’t. This course will help you start learning Russian the right way… from the very beginning. It will lay the proper grammar and vocabulary foundations in a fun and interactive way.

I highly encourage you to sign-up for the WhatsApp group! Everyone who learned in a group made amazing progress. 

It’s time I made serious progress!

Basic: 39.99 USD

Basic Admission: you have access to all of the materials but do everything on your own. I provide feedback only on the final project. You may ask unlimited number of questions.

Super: 69.99 USD

Super Admission: Everything in Basic + you will learn in a group on WhatsApp. I will provide individual feedback on EVERY assignment. There will also be group work + 2 actual online group lessons. 

Luxury: 99.99 USD

Luxury Admission: Everything in Super + weekly individual 15 minute lessons with my co-teacher and/or me.

Course Preview

Frequently Asked Questions

1 month! Once you’ve enrolled and paid, you’ll have a month to complete the Introductory course. This was designed this way on purpose so this introduction into Russian doesn’t turn into a year-long course. The content will be released weekly! If you keep up with the videos, do your homework, you will be amazed at the progress you will make in a month!

Just email me within 7 days to get a full refund. I will not honor refund requests after 7 days.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Yes! This course is not just about the alphabet. Actually, alphabet is covered in two videos and then we start reading and writing right away! You will also learn basic conversational phrases, listen to Russian music, learn many new words, and most important, you will build a solid phonetic foundation upon which you can build up grammar and vocabulary. You will also learn fundamental rules that will make so much sense and will help you see the logic behind the 2928350 variations of the Russian endings (maybe I exaggerated the number a bit lol).

No. Please don’t sign-up for this course if you are looking to just get conversational phrases and start using them! This course is for those who are serious about Russian and want to actually become fluent one day. It will not teach you slang or how to quickly start speaking. Although we will cover basic pleasantries, the focus is primarily on phonetics. You will also need to write, read, complete quizzes, listen to authentic Russian, and much more.

The basic fee covers all of the materials, quizzes, workbooks and final project check. If you want to have individual feedback on your homework (I highly recommend this!), grab the WhatsApp group add-on! Through the group, I will check all of the assignments and offer help on a daily basis. We will interact with other students and learn in a fun and engaging way! We will also have 2 LIVE lessons where you will show off what you learned.

No. You are free to choose when and where you study. The course will be available on all of your devices. The content will be released weekly and the course needs to be completed within a month. There are weekly deadlines as well.

For the group lessons, a certain time will be set.


After this course I was able to finally read the flashcards my girlfriend got for me as a gift.
The worksheets also have helped me so much! It's crazy. I think I'm even able to finally pronounce "ы"!
Anna was a wonderful and kind teacher with a patience of a saint. I went into the course with a background in Russian language but, sadly, was rusty. I was hoping to get a fresh feel for the language and maybe learn something new in the beginner stage (as I struggle in the intermediate stage). Anna was WONDERFUL, and has SO MANY tidbits that were so helpful.
I took Russian language at the University of Waterloo from 2008-2009, and Anna covered more fundamentals than I did in school.
Some elements of the language that I didn't quite understand, Anna took the time to explain with grace and simplicity that made sense to someone like me!
It was a great jump start for Russian! Anna was sweet and patient with everyone!
The lessons were great, the approach made sense and the duration was very good.
Pronunciation! It's very hard to learn by reading alone, so that was the golden star!

Who Am I?

  • A very passionate teacher
  • I know what doesn’t work (hello high school Spanish)
  • I've been teaching diplomats for over 7 years
  • I've developed courses and textbooks
  • I hold a Master's in Instructional Design (if you have no idea what this is lol I'm basically a master of learning)
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