3D Butterfly Mask


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For her first masks, my mom chose butterflies. They are not just a pattern on the fabric, they sit on your mask as well! Butterflies are so light and calming, especially when things get a little crazy in this pandemic world we are living in. A butterfly is considered to be a symbol of transformation.

My mom and I both have our favorite of the bunch – the dark blue! I love wearing this mask. My favorite part is that it’s soft and sits very nicely on the face. The ear ties are also very soft and can be adjusted to the length that you need. The nose has a soft pinch to it, so you can have it snug on your nose if you’d like.

Each mask is custom made so you can make a special note (the number of butterflies you would like) or anything else, and we will do our best to make it perfect for you!

As part of our new launch, we are offering FREE US SHIPPING! At this point, we only ship to USA.

Thank you for supporting my mom!


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