Introduction to Russian


For Whom?

Beginners who want some guidance in the beginning, excited learners who just don’t know where to start, daredevils who want a new challenge, adventurous souls traveling or wanting to travel to a Russian-speaking country, a student who dropped Russian and hasn’t be able to start it off again, those who believe in consistency, repetition, focus on pronunciation, and feedback from a native speaker when they learn a language.


    • read and pronounce any Russian word by applying all rules
    • understand over a 100 Russian words
    • say, understand, and respond to basic pleasantries
    • tell a short introduction about yourself
  • kick off your Russian learning journey


July 1 – 22
According to the research to get into a habit of doing something you need to do it for 21 days! We are going to build your Russian-learning habit!

What’s inside?

Interactive group lessons, WhatsApp class-group, bite-sized learning,  homework assignments (reading, writing, speaking, listening), individual feedback from me, support from other participants, additional materials, a Workbook in pdf format, audio in mp3 format, audio supplement for those who are too busy and need something they can listen to on the “go”.


Group lessons will be set at a time depending on when the majority can attend. They will be recorded so those who cannot attend can rewatch at a later time. 


Yes, but somewhat flexible. 


$19.99 and can be paid through PayPal or GooglePay.

Case Cards

These case cards will help you learn!

$4.99 (shipping)
Total: $54.98
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Why Russian?

  • Russia is the biggest country in the world by land
  • People in Russia outside of Moscow don’t really speak English. You will need some Russian to get by
  • All street signs, store signs, products in Russian are written in Russian
  • Russia is spoken in all of the post-Soviet countries
  • Russian is a very challenging language (category II by State Department)
  • A great addition to your resume
  • Rich culture and history

How do I sign-up?

    1. Pay the fee and take a screenshot as proof of payment:
        1. Paypal:
      1. Google Pay:
    2. Fill out this form
  1. Email me proof of payment:

Registration ends?

Registration closes on June 23 at 11:59 p.m. EST or once the group is filled (6 people). Register today!