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Many of you could use additional conversational practice. Paying for a private tutor can be expensive and finding a language buddy that will be as invested as you is extremely difficult. 

The group lessons will take place in the evenings during the weekday (EST time) and/or on the weekends at a time that’s convenient for the majority. During the week you will be in a WhatsApp group with tasks to prepare for our lessons.

Students of all levels are welcomed. You will be grouped accordingly. 

Cost: $89 per month


The lessons will be individual either via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Skype and based on your needs. The frequency and times will also be set around your goals and availability.
I specialize in Russian for work in Russia/former Soviet countries.

Rate: $39-45 an hour; $19 (30 min)

Do you need someone who can assess your level and help you develop an individual plan to learn Russian? During our session, I will engage in a conversation with you and also discuss with you your learning style, time, goals, etc. Then based on this I will develop a self-study plan for you that will address your needs, abilities, and preferences.

This is perfect for you if you:

  1. Want to learn Russian but don’t know where to start
  2. Have been learning Russian for a while but still can’t say anything
  3. Can’t organize yourself to learn Russian systematically
  4. Are overwhelmed with online resources and want someone to narrow it down for you
  5. Are serious about speaking Russian and needs results

Cost: $39 (45 minutes online consultation + personalized plan)

Do you use WhatsApp or Telegram? Do you have 20 minutes a day that you could spend on learning Russian? This “A Little Russian but Every Day” is perfect for people who are too busy to sign up for a class or take an online course! I’m sure all of us, no matter how busy, have 20 minutes a day to do something good for ourselves. I will send you daily short assignments 5 times a week in a written or audio/video format and after you complete them provide feedback. All assignments are tailored to you and your learning style.

This is perfect for you if you:

  1. Are a very busy working professional but really want to learn Russian
  2. Are an introvert and really don’t want to do any live interaction
  3. Want to get into the routine of doing a little Russian on a daily basis
  4. Don’t have time to look for materials to work on
  5. Need someone to check your work and provide feedback

Cost: $90 per month. FREE trial lesson. Sign-up today!

I offer quality English to Russian and Russian to English translation services.

Rate: $0.17 per word (3-5 days, also do urgent 1-day translations).


These are all the courses and services I offer at this moment. If you want to learn more about a service please contact me through Instagram or email at